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Welcome to Picturesmith

A creative studio founded in 2007, found in East London. A team of artists, animators, filmmakers, illustrators, designers, writers and coders.

We are Picturesmith – visual storytellers.

Your audience has less time and more distractions.

How do you get their attention and your message across?


Visit our portfolio to see how we do it

"Our planning product SCQuARE has always been difficult to describe.
Picturesmith have managed to create three of the most brilliant creative but articulate animations that describe what we do better than any form of words. They have envious levels of creativity but matched with high levels of practical business knowledge, they are a great asset to have on your side."

− Ross Lovelock - Chairman, SCQuARE International

"Picturesmith created two different videos for us and exceeded our high expectations each time. They have a way of capturing the core idea behind complex concepts and communicating clear messages in a way that ties in directly to business goals.
I recommend them whenever a colleague is looking for something high quality and innovative."

− Jillian Convey - Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Director of Communications

"I have commissioned over 20 pieces of work from Picturesmith for many of my FTSE 100 clients.
I have no hesitation in recommending them. The quality of their work, the professionalism of their team and their overall flexibility make them a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them again going forward."

− Mark Williams - Capgemini, Vice President

"I found working with Picturesmith a real pleasure.
Once we found agreement internally on the script for our film, the rest was easy.
We handed over to Picturesmith who came back with an initial storyboard within a week – their ideas to bring to life our topic worked really well and within 3 weeks we had our complete animation which has been widely praised by all who’ve seen it.
I’d definitely recommend them and use them again in the future."

− Dan Hall - ID Agency, Business Development Director

"I couldn't recommend Picturesmith highly enough.
Their time to understand our business to be both content as well as process savvy was invaluable.
The results speak for themselves.
The whole experience was both rewarding and fun!"

− David Christie - Innovationarts, Founder