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Puma sports bag animation

Puma sports bags

J&B Whiskey Pocket Bottle

J&B Whiskey Pocket Bottle

Exterior scene from Picturehouse stop motion ident


No I’m not sorry anymore Bear’s Den

Bear’s Den – Blankets of Sorrow

Subway game on text on ribbon

Subway sponsors NFL London Games

Stop motion and pixilation animation with pint of Hells larger

Camden Town Brewery

KPMG life & Health insurance gig economy

KPMG | Life & health insurance

Sub of the Day triptych stop motion and pixilation animation

Subway – Sub Of The Day

Subway tomato teleportation experiment

Subway Sponsors The Big Bang Theory



Christmas stop motion animation for Matchesfashion


Go Golborne How will you get your 5 a day Mash It

Go Golborne

Subway NFL London Games Beautiful Game animation

Subway | NFL London Games


Picturehouse – The Love of Cinema

Disney & Persil

Mr Porter

Mr Porter

The Body Shop

The Body Shop

tootle – The Race

Google Magic

Google Magic

Stop Motion for Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston

Vue Cinemas


Fox TV Instagram Advert

Fox TV

Birketts motion graphics animation

Birketts – Clear Legal Advice

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinemas membership

AFEX paper craft cars