Reusing LEGO to celebrate World Environment Day

At Picturesmith, we really really really like LEGO. In the past we’ve made fireworks, a snow fall, and even a game of ping pong. And seeing as we have been able to reuse our LEGO again and again, it made sense to recycle our box of bricks into an animation for World Environment Day (WED).

The theme was “Consume with care”, and after doing some research on what it means to lead a more sustainable life, we started the process of ideation (it’s a word, look it up :)) We wrote a script based on the key messages of the WED theme, and added a bit of humour to a serious subject. After swapping out a few dodgy rhymes and some of the more cheesey lyrics, this is what we finally decided on:


Drink from the tap
Run an extra lap
Break a sweat, not the planet

Plastic? We could lose it
make sure to reuse it
or build something new with it

Learn to love again
those jeans that you got
and that hat that you bought
at 4am on eBay

Learn to repair
Shake your derrière

Change your bulbs,
Plant some too

The earth needs saving
Do it for you

Our good friend, actor Jordan Long, kindly offered his voice, which we think worked pretty well.

Getting the right bricks, in the right place, at the right time, needs a detailed set of instructions – a lot like a LEGO set funnily enough. So our storyboard was essential to guide us through the animation – each frame could take anything from 5 minutes to an hour, so there was no time to animate on the fly.

We calculated that we much have used about 1,000,000,000 bricks (ok that’s a lie, but it felt like that), and because of our limited supply we had to be economic when choosing the colours we used. With 444 frames in total, we racked up about 50 hours just with LEGO, not including all the other stages of the creative process.

Our video was featured on the UN Environmental Program video page which was great, and we hope it will continue to inspire people to think a bit more carefully about how they look after our environment.

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